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Lotus Elise and Exige 1995-2020: The Complete Story by Johnny Tipler

Named after Elisa, the granddaughter of Lotus's owner at the time, Romano Artioli of Bugatti fame, the Lotus Elise was launched at the Frankfurt Show in 1995. In the subsequent twenty-five years it has not only established itself as the embodiment of what Lotus stands for, it retains a unique place in the international sports car market.

No other manufacturer came up with a car to seriously rival the Elise, nor the Exige, in terms of handling dexterity on both road and racetrack, and it aptly characterizes the definition of a sports car. Written in Johnny Tipler's inimitable style this book includes a detailed evolution of the Elise and Exige, including full specification tables; interviews with key individuals involved in their design and development, including Richard Rackham, Gavan Kershaw, Neil Thomas, Russell Carr, Barney Hatt and Andy Pleavin; Elisa Artioli on her namesake, its past and future; motor sport adaptions and successes and finally, driving experiences on road and track.

The production of the Elise and Exige was sustained through four corporate upheavals. Now in Geely ownership, the future for Lotus looks bright.


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