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Consultancy Service

Johnny worked at the University of East Anglia's Motor Industry Research Unit as a research associate in the mid-1980s, providing intelligence to the motor industry on future markets.


Since then Johnny has written for a wide variety of publications. His features are meticulously researched, as are the texts of the 38 books he’s written. He provides advice and research to companies and media organisations who require expertise and guidance on any motoring matters, including editorial and sub-editing services.


In this video [right] Johnny drives one of the world's greatest road races, Mexico's 'La Carrera Panamericana' with Team Bell Ticehurst and Team PanAm Motorsports in 2011.

Team PanAm Motorsports and Team Bell Ticehurst drive La Carrerra Panamericana 2011.

Video courtesy of Fraser Stevenson

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