The GT3 was Porsche’s first crack at a spicy, RS-style version of the 996. We drive both Mark 1 and Mark 2 versions – and, what-d’ya-know, they’re both Speed Yellow! How cool is that for two hot numbers? So sleek, so purposeful; no other Porsche has quite the same shark-like demeanour as the 996 GT3. With good reason, too. The company’s radical evolution from air-cooled, hand-crafted cars to robotised production-line water-cooled models from 1996 demanded a flagship, something to lead the charge, a competition-orientated car along the lines of the ’73 2.7 RS and its 964 and 993 RS successors. Launched in May 1999, the 996 GT3did the business straight away, combining a higher performance, nor

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