In a bid to improve trackday driving standards, Johan Dirickx has prepared a trio of 944s - and issued the Sideways Challenge! We take an oblique view of the project… How they miss one another I will never know! Two drift kings pirouetting their 944s in unison for the benefit of our lensman, full-tilt, sideways around Abbeville’s 13 tight turns - and a spillage seems inevitable. Supremely talented as they are, it’s just a matter of time before one or other overdoes it and the tormented tyres cry‘enough’ – and as Quinten’s car rotates, Johan ducks behind him and disaster is narrowly averted by a whisker. Things we do to get the money shots – and both 944s are frequently dodging Antony’s camer


Its owner murdered, this 2.7 RS languished in a Trinidad shed – till Autofarm’s Josh Sadler rescued it. Now the dilemma is whether to restore it, or merely recommission it. Barricaded in its late owner’s Caribbean shed by his daughters to hide it from modern-day pirates, this ’73 2.7 Carrera RS was a prize waiting to be discovered by a connoisseur who recognised its true value. The car spent 38 of its 43 years in Trinidad, most southerly of the West Indies’ archipelago. But, after 14 years not turning a wheel in the wake of its owner’s untimely demise, 911 expert Josh Sadler got wind of the car in its tropical idyll, and its resuscitation began. We’re talking about the last right-hand drive


Pounding the Nordschleife big dipper for 24 hours really is the greatest test of man and machine. We follow Falken Tyres’ 991 GT3-R’s steady rise up the running order, and greet the dawn with the crepuscular crazies in the forest. It’s a seductive recipe. Take 180 assorted cars - models you might conceivably expect to see on the road - turn them into racing cars, and let them loose for a day and a night on the most amazing racetrack in the world. That’s the Nürburgring 24-Hours, run on a combination of Nordschleife and F1 circuit that totals 25km per lap. The N-24 is one of the best events on the motorsport calendar because of the wildness of the terrain, the roller-coaster topography, readi


The Giro di Sicilia is Sicily’s best-known motoring event after the Targa Florio. Johnny Tipler reports on the 2016 edition of the regularity rally. What better way of seeing Sicily than a leisurely tour of the island in a classic car? Well, how about a little competitive edge – taking part in the Giro, the annual tour that performs almost a complete circuit of the island? Founded by Vincenzo Florio, he of Targa fame, in 1912, with a view to expanding the eponymous event, the Giro - or Tour - of Sicily was held 18 times up to 1958 in years when they didn't run the Targa Florio. While the Targa remained moribund after 1977, the Giro was revived in 1988 as a classic car rally, along the lines
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