The Rallye Monte Carlo Historique attracts a fair number of crews from Scandinavia – 20 out of 305 entries this year – and their prevailing winter climate means they have a natural aptitude for rallying. We follow the fortunes of two Norse 911s as team insiders. The power goes down, the snow flies from the wheelarches like a ship’s bow-wave, and the blue and white 911 rockets through the snowfield that’s doubling as a road junction. Say ‘Hi!’ to Mauritz Lange, wildman pilot of this rocketship, hovering on the outer edge of adhesion. Traction control? Get away! We’re watching the action on an Ardèche stage of the Historic Monte Carlo Rally, the AC de Monaco’s 18thclassic incarnation of the FI


Peel back the covers from classic racing Porsches in paddocks at historic meetings and, chances are, Uwe Niermann’s firm will have prepped many of them. I perused the treasures in his Aachen workshops. The yellow GT40 swoops through Eau Rouge; it’s the ex-Ecurie Francorchamps car, one of eight heading up the classic Spa Six Hours field. Current owner,historic stalwart Chris Stahl has co-opted formidable co-drivers in the shape of Porsche legends Jürgen Barth and Klaus Ludwig and, having led the race, they end up 4th. Behind the scenes, the car’s prepared at Automobilzentrum Aachen, along with a host of distinguished Porsche racers, by Uwe Niermann’s Scuderia M66. I first met Uwe (pronounced


Delving into his profound 911 knowhow, Alois Ruf has produced a 2.8 RSR lookalike, a ’70s car upgraded with newer powertrain and running gear. I travelled back to the future at Pfaffenheim. Trust Alois Ruf to spring a surprise. Just when you’d pegged him as the turbo king, producing state-of-the-art supercars like the Ruf CTR-3, we discover he’s built a normally-aspirated 2.8 Carrera RSR. Or has he? This white swan is not quite what it seems. The 3.4 badge on the engine lid grille is a clue, as are the Ruf-tagged brake callipers. It’s easy to understand why Alois would be tempted to produce a 911 that apes a 2.8 RSR. Growing up in his father’s garage during the ’50s and ’60s, Porsche’s compe


A long day’s run from Tangier, the Atlas Mountains provide amazing Lotus driving roads. Dodging the rock falls, Johnny Tipler’s Marrakech Express is a Europa SE. I never imagined schoolboy French would come in so handy, but I found out in Morocco. Hauled over by a couple of speed cops at night on an innocuous 60kph (37mph) road on the outskirts of Marrakech, words like ‘désolé!’ suddenly bubbled up and in fluent Franglais I explained truthfully that I’d lost my way to my hotel. Graciously they gave me directions and sent me on my way. You soon realise you’re in a different continent. Morocco is the first rung on the ladder south through Africa, and Marrakech is like the idealised French colo


There’s nothing like being on a race track with a proper racing car, and when that happens to be a front-running Carrera Cup 964 it’s a fabulous bonus. Welcome to the tea party! This time we have a really amazing piece of car confectionary to drool over. We’ve come to Abbeville circuit in the Picardy region of northern France at the invitation of our Belgian friend Johan Dirickx. A prolific 911RS enthusiast, he’s recently acquired the 964 Carrera Cup Car that Harald Gröhs drove to 2nd place in the 1994 Championship, and Johan’s keen to demonstrate its capabilities around this twisty 13-bend racetrack. Being a 964 fan I’m doubly excited as it’ll be my first on-track outing in an out-and-out C
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